M.W. Mørch & Søn’s Eftf.

At the age of thirteen Marius William Mørch was apprenticed to a Silk and Drapery Shopkeeper, Johan Georg Ponsaing, who at the same time was a Major in the Civic Guard of Copenhagen

Having completed his apprenticeship in 1830 he settled down in Oestergade - now the Pedestrian Street - selling flags, banners and ribbons.

In   1848 and through the next 25 years   the shop mowed quite a number of times until finding rest in 1874 at Heibergsgade located just behind the Royal Theatre.

Marius Williams Mørch

Already  in these first decades a number of persons of distinction addressed the shop.

In 1840 Crown Prince Frederik   - later becoming  King Frederik VII - ordered 23 alen of silk ribbon for the French Order "Legion of Honour".

In 1869  Hans Christian Andersen  asked a friend to send him a ribbon for the Commanders Cross of the Order of Dannebrog - from Mr. Mørch.

Manufacture of Orders, Medals and Miniature Decorations  was taken up in 1877. That same year the son Sophus Valdemar Morch was engaged with the firm.

From 1885   M.W. Mørch & Søn   became "Purveyor to the Chancery of Knighthood"

In 1909 the firm moved to the present location at no.: 3 Peder Skrams Gade.

In 1931 the Ohm Hieronymussen family took over  the house.

Poul Ohm Hieronymussen

Today is third generation of the family - Erika and Peter Ohm Hieronymussen running the the old firm.

In 1990 M.W.Mørch & Søn's Eftf. officially became "Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court".
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